Tuition and Fees

To join AACE, there is a $175 yearly fee to become a member.

This pays the insurance, rent, cleaning supplies, and expenses so that we may meet.

Once you are a member, you may choose as many as 5 classes for each of your children.  Tuition for these classes you choose is paid directly to the teachers.  Tuition amounts vary by teacher.

Additionally, some teachers also have  a supply fee due at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of each semester.

Please check the course descriptions for each teachers' tuition and fee amounts.

All tuition costs are for the semester.  Some teachers offer discounts if you pay for the entire semester or year at once.  If you choose, you may pay for the semester in monthly installments paid one month in advance on the first Friday of each month.  This amount will be calculated by dividing the semester (or yearly) cost divided by the number of months.

Occasionally we are asked if the monthly tuition will be discounted because we did not meet 4 Fridays that month.  The answer to that question is no because you are paying for a semester and as a convenience we are allowing you to pay it in monthly installments. 

If you have a check returned for non sufficient funds, there is a $30 returned check fee.

If you are late paying your tuition, there is a $10 per week per student/class late fee paid directly to the teacher.

Please keep these fees in mind when registering and deciding how you will pay. 

It is often difficult to repeatedly ask families to pay so please be mindful of your financial obligations.

Those who have outstanding balances at the end of the second semester will not be allowed to register until all amounts have been paid and cleared. 

If you have any questions concerning tuition and fees not covered on this page or on the Course Descriptions' page, please email us at

Thank you!