Fall 2021 Registration

  • We now offer the opportunity to register EXCLUSIVELY online at any time
  • or in person on the following date:
  • Friday, August 6 - 10am – 12pm
  • @ SAF Church of the Nazarene, 10715 West Ave., 78213
  • Family Registration fee is $175
  • Contact Trudy Palmer for more info: (210) 364-5179


  • Would you like to join A.A.C.E.?

Please follow the steps below:

1.) Fill out the 4 following forms linked below:

*Family Information Card*


*Registration, Policy & Membership Agreement*

*Volunteer Agreement*



2.) Submit registration payment

2 Options : Paypal

or Check by mail

Make check payable to:

A.A.C.E., Inc

13906 Golden Wood St

San Antonio, TX 78249

3.) You will then be sent a confirmation email letting you know you ARE registered!

Only those who have received confirmation email will be allowed to attend classes.

Scroll down to read more details.

Want to know more about A.A.C.E., Inc?

Click here

 You must complete the registration paperwork online OR attend the orientation and join A.A.C.E.,Inc to take any classes. This includes families that have attended classes last year. Each family must rejoin each year. 

Membership fee to join A.A.C.E.,Inc. is $175/year (payments to teachers are additional and paid directly to the teacher).

Please read it all carefully. Students need to read it too to be aware of our rules and policies.

Please also note - Tuition is paid one month in advance all year if you choose monthly installments.  You will need to pay September tuition at registration as well as any supply fees. At late registration you will need to pay September, October, and supply fees to be caught up.

Some teachers offer discounts for paying all at once for the semester.

Check each course description for details.

payments made to A.A.C.E., Inc and teachers

On the Course Descriptions page you will also find some teachers have posted

forms for you to register with them.

If you need to make up any volunteer shifts or make any late payments 

please contact us to make arrangements  to be eligible to  register. 
You may pay $20 per hour in lieu of volunteering
$240 per semester
$480 per year

Click on our Location page for directions.