• Fall 2019 Registration
  • Friday, August 16th
  • at 10 am until 12 noon
  • Save time and trouble by registering in the summer! 
  • Registration fee $150

  • We will also have opportunities to register on the following dates:
  • June 14           July 12          August 16
  • 10 am
  • ​Registration fee $150

  • San Antonio First Church of the Nazarene

located at 10715 West Ave.

Would you like to join AACE?

Please read the paperwork below. 

Fill out forms prior to arriving.

Only those who have registered will be allowed to attend registration/orientation and sign up for classes.

Scroll down to read more details.

Want to know more about AACE?

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1. You must attend the registration/orientation and join AACE to take any classes. This includes families that have attended classes last year. Each family must rejoin each year. 

Membership fee to join AACE is $150/year (payments to teachers are additional and paid directly to the teacher).


2. Please fill out all forms and submit. There are 3 links below to access the forms.

Please read it all carefully. Students need to read it too to be aware of our rules and policies.

Please also note - Tuition is paid one month in advance all year if you choose monthly installments.  You will need to pay September tuition at registration as well as any supply fees. At late registration you will need to pay September, October, and supply fees to be caught up.

Some teachers offer discounts for paying all at once for the semester.

Check each course description for details.

This paperwork also has cost details to join.  It also has all of our policies and requirements stated.  This should be read completely. It will answer many of your questions you may have if you are new to AACE.


Registration, Policies, & Membership Agreement

*  Registration Form

* Family Info Card Form

3. Please be on time to orientation.  




Confirm Registration paperwork was turned in online

 i.d. cards made

 volunteer shifts assigned

payments made to AACE and teachers

 ALL family members will need i.d. card made.  

4.  After Orientation you will be given a student card for each registered student.
Please take this to each of your teachers to sign and return it to Mrs. Anderson in the sanctuary.

Thank you!

On the Course Descriptions page you will also find some teachers have posted

forms for you to register with them.

If you need to make up any volunteer shifts or make any late payments 

please contact us to make arrangements  to be eligible to  register. 
You may pay $60 per month in lieu of volunteering.

Click on our Location page for directions.