Exciting Announcement for Prom 2019,
our 2oth anniversary!

We were able to book The Club at Sonterra for Friday, April 26, 2019!

God is so gracious in even the little events in our lives!

If you are a junior or senior homeschooler in the San Antonio area,  you are welcome to come to our Prom.  

In March, Mrs. Palmer will send out invitations as well as post one here for everyone wanting to attend. The invitation will include instructions for purchasing tickets.  For now, if you would like to add your name to the list, email your name, address, email address, age, and the same information of your plus 1. Send this information to Mrs. Palmer at palmer.trudy@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the prom for homeschoolers only?

It is for homeschoolers, but your date can be a student in private or public schools.

Who may attend?

The prom is for homeschooled juniors and seniors in the San Antonio area and their dates.  Students younger than 11th graders and students/adults older than high schoolers may attend as a date to a junior or senior.  Others may attend by special invitation by Mrs. Palmer only.

What do I wear?

This is a formal event. Attire should be a formal dress for the ladies and suit or tuxedo for the gentlemen.

May I buy a ticket at the door?

No, all tickets must be purchased in advance for planning purposes.

​If you have any other questions, please email Mrs. Palmer at palmer.trudy@gmail.com.  

​Thank  you Trudy and Thom Palmer for this labor of love!