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Dear Friday School Parents and Students,

I want to update you as soon as possible concerning next week’s schedule. We as a board have decided to cancel our on-campus classes next Friday, March 20th, in light of the current health crisis. We generally follow the local school districts’ closures, and while we are much smaller than any ISD (by just a little ;)), we still feel like we need to do our part and also take an extended week off since many of us have traveled over spring break and have been exposed to numerous strangers.


Due to the fact that this virus does spread and infect people at a much higher rate than the flu, we have decided it would be wise to partake in our independent and online home study sessions rather than meet face-to-face until we all know more information since coronavirus symptoms might not show up for seven days (or even longer in some cases) after exposure to the virus. 


We also have some individuals and family members who are considered high-risk because of underlying health issues, and we feel that we should not put them at greater risk. Once classes do resume, we will be asking for any students with coughs, sore throats, runny noses, or fevers in the last week to remain at home until they are symptom-free. 


Most students will have their homework, notes, and related handouts posted online by their individual teachers so work can be completed at home. Please regularly check the teachers’ websites and our Friday School website to keep abreast of late-breaking news.


We do want to keep our families’ best interests in mind. If further closures continue, we will keep you updated on our website as to our plan.


We are not called to live in fear but to bring any fears to God. My daughter’s friend shared how she has always prayed Psalm 91 over her family, and now it seems more appropriate than ever to do so. I pray you will read this comforting psalm and that you will make the Most High your dwelling place and your refuge. He is in control and nothing on this earth happens outside of His perfect plan. I can only hope and pray this time of fear and panic will turn many people toward Christ, who is the only certainty during this very uncertain time.

Blessings and good health over our beloved families! 


Serving Him,

Trudy Palmer

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If ever there are hazardous weather conditions, an email will be sent out by 7:30 am to let you know we are cancelling classes.  We will also post it on the website. Please check your email and the website before emailing, calling, or texting. Click here to go to our News page and bookmark it for future reference. 

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